Western Monotheism – Part I: Face It People

Feminine GodAlthough his followers will never admit it, Yahweh is a woman. Just look at the rules She made:

I’m very jealous so you can’t be with anyone else but me.

You have to be nice to (my) parents.

You have to spend at least one day a week at home with me. Not mowing the lawn. Not tinkering in the garage. You have to spend it with me.

Don’t embarrass me in front of the neighbors. Like by killing one.

You have to get along with the neighbors. Don’t even think about stealing their stuff. If you borrow a lawnmower you have to return the lawnmower.

Eyes off the neighbor’s wife. That’s twice I’ve had to tell you that.

Observer003 – Earthlings

Monday: It Gets Worse

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