The Afterlife: Part IV – Good God, Will It Ever Stop?

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Tibetan Buddhist monks take reincarnation one step further. When they come back, they get all their old stuff. Which sounds better than it is, because they take a vow of poverty. So really what they’re getting back is their food bowl. Maybe a gong.

This whole cycle is called samsara. The idea is that they stay on this merry-go-round until they get sick of it and figure out how to get off. Sort of like a Boston rotary. The literature is vague on that process (in both cases). And the end result seems to be that they don’t exist at all anymore.

Say what you will about the Christians, but they believe that if you’re good when you’re alive, when they die they get eternal bliss and peace. Given my druthers, I’d take that option. The best scenario would be to be Hindu in life, because they aren’t nearly as hung up on sin as the Christians, but then Christian in death.

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