How They View Us: Part I – The Good


The Earthling view of us falls into two camps. On the one hand, we are impractically benevolent. Plus we can heal with our fingers. Just one touch and all of their wounds go away.

Because of this, their governments want to quarantine us. They have a real problem with free healthcare here. The feeling is that curing people makes them lazy.

These aliens need a lot of protection, which comes mainly from children. You’ll be able to spend an amount of time with them that would be highly suspect in an adult Earthling. The everyday Earthlings are generally pretty kind, with the exception of a few rednecks. But even they come around in the end.

Your goal with these Earthlings is to heal their physical and, more importantly, psychological wounds. Also, rekindle their sense of wonder and help them realize they are more powerful than they realize. You can exploit this to obtain the tools and supplies needed to repair your damaged ship. Work quickly; the government is closing in.

Observer003 – Earthlings

Tomorrow: Part II – The Bad

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