Fuzzy Barriers in Earthling Linguistic Structures: Part II – More of This “Shit”


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Shit is used in so many phrases that you’re better off just learning what the correct responses to them are, rather than what they mean.

For instance:

“I’m not going to take any shit from you.”

INCORRECT: “Um, okay.”

CORRECT: [situation dependent]


“Are you shitting me?”

INCORRECT: “While I imagine there might be some confusion at first, I think that once your eyes cleared my anus, it would be pretty obvious if I was shitting you. I think a good rule of thumb would be that once your mouth if free enough to ask that question, you don’t need to ask it.”

CORRECT: “I shit you not.”


“What’s this shit?”

INCORRECT: “Do you really need a modifier for that noun? Shit is shit.”

CORRECT: [situation dependent]


“Bull shit.”


CORRECT: “No, seriously.”


“Holy shit!”

INCORRECT: “Oh, come on. Is there anything you people won’t worship?”

ALSO INCORRECT: “Does it have the face of the Virgin Mary?”

CORRECT: “What?”


“Fuck that shit.”

INCORRECT: “I most certainly will not!”

CORRECT: “I hear you.”


Mostly though, shit is an interjection indicating that an outcome was contrary to one’s desire or expectation.

“Shit!  I got pregnant.”

“Shit! I robbed a bank.”

“Shit! I betrayed the messiah.”

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