Exodus II – Part I: Recap


Last time I talked about the Israelites, they’d just escaped the Egyptian army when their god (Yahweh) blew his nose at the sea so they could get across. Then Yahweh stopped blowing his nose at the sea and the water came back and drowned the Egyptians when they tried to cross after them.

Which the Egyptians really should have seen coming; It’s the basis of every Road Runner cartoon I’ve ever seen. Yeah, they didn’t have cartoons back then, but still. Come on. You don’t get to be a world power, even in antiquity, without being a little savy.

Anyway, after this, the Israelites decided to regroup at Mount Sinai so Moses could tell them their next move. This is when Yahweh decided to explain the whole deal to them. It was essentially a protection racket.

“You worship me, and only me, and obey these rules, and I’ll never let anyone hurt you and I’ll give you this really sweet place to live. And by ‘worship me’ I mean ‘give me your meat smells’ ”.

Observer003 – Earthlings

Tomorrow: Part II: The Heck, Amalek?

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