Earthling Religions – Hinduism Pt. 1 – The Trimurti


Hindus are the last of the Earthling polytheists and god bless ‘em. Somebody needs to hold that down.

The three most important Hindu gods are Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma created the universe. Then he gets ideas for this cool thing and he tacks it on. Then he’d gets another good idea, then another. Meanwhile, Vishnu has to run around and try and keep everything running. In the end, he can’t keep up and Shiva has to come in and level the whole thing so Brahma can start over.

So Brahma is the creative one, Vishnu is the good one and Shiva is the rebel. Together, they are the boy band of Earthling deities.

Observer003 – Earthlings

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