Catch and Release

catch and release

Fish live in water, not on land. Take them out of the water, they suffocate. Mostly they die though when something eats them; a ugly death by mouth. This could be from another fish or from a land or air animal. Death from all mediums.

Some Earthlings like to catch fish. They put fish food on a hook, attach it to a string and toss it in the water. A fish comes along, bites the food, gets the hook lodged in it’s mouth, whereupon the Earthling pulls it into the boat where it is clubbed to death.

From here on out, it gets weird.

There are the Earthlings who practice “catch and release”. They catch a fish, drag it out of the water, yank out the hook and toss it back in the water. It’s considered more humane. I read one story about a human who gave them a kiss before tossing them back.

Let’s look at this from the fish perspective as it goes about its daily business.

“Hey, food! – Yulk!”

You’re yanked out of the water, snatched up and pinned down. As you freak out because you can’t breathe, a hook is ripped from your lip, you’re given a big kiss and tossed back, bleeding from the mouth.

That’ll mess you up, and for the rest of your life.

“Did that – What – Did that really just happen? Did I – I was – and then – I? What? Then he kissed me … and I – woke up? In the water again. It all felt real. But it’s impossible, isn’t it? Did I hallucinate? My lip is bleeding, so something happened. But, what was that?”

For fish, this is their equivalent of a UFO abduction.

“I’m telling you guys, this really happened. They’re out there. There’s these beings out there just snatching us up and doing stuff to us.”

“Whoa. Was there anal probing? What do you think they want?”

“I don’t know – and no, on the anal probing. They seem more orally fixated. I got the sense, though, that despite it all, they mean us no harm.”

“Well, whatever the case, you better believe the government is in on it. You guys have all heard about Pond 51, haven’t you?”

“Is that where they’re scooping us up in nets never to be heard from again?”

“There’s a lot of stuff going on that they don’t tell you about, because the media’s in on it.”

“Maybe he was an angel. He wanted you to know God loves you and you should straighten out your life.”

There’s no way I wouldn’t be homeless and babbling after this.

Observer003 – Earthlings

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