Africa, Cradle of Mankind: Part II – Those Other Losers


This story starts here.South America

You think Europe is happy? It looks like a diseased penis with erectile dysfunction. And if Europe is the penis, then Asia is the butt. The butt with a vestigial tail. And all those poopy little islands around it aren’t helping. Japan must have happened on a big fiber day.

I have no idea what North America is going for and South America looks like it was trying to imitate you, but didn’t have the blueprints or the craftsmen to pull it off.

“You mean like this? Is this right?” No. Sorry South America.

Antarctica? Just look at the picture. I don’t want to repeat myself.


And Australia clearly isn’t trying. It’s like a blob of land mass fell off the Creator’s pallet and he didn’t bother cleaning it up.

Then there’s you, Africa. The shape of a demon skull. The great, horned beast. Feral and feared. Head butting the Arabia Peninsula. Hoo-wah!

Get back on that horse, Africa. You’re time has come again.

- Observer003 – Earthlings

Tomorrow: The Rest of These Bozos

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